Mannequin Removal Services for e-commerce studios

Ghost mannequin images are the perfect addition to any e-commerce content strategy. They create an invisible effect that makes the apparel look realistic and appealing. You can showcase the shape, fit, and style of your products without any distractions. Plus, they are more affordable and efficient than using live models. You can save money and time on hiring, styling, and photographing models. Ghost mannequin images are the best way to display your clothing online.


Whether you are a growing studio or a high-volume studio, the use of invisible mannequin photography techniques can benefit your studio. Some benefits include:

Mannequin removal image editing is one of our specialties. We have expert team of editors and a carefully designed quality assurance process. We can even deliver your invisible mannequin images back to you on the same day depending on the volume.

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  • Increase content production

  • Easy color calibration

  • Requires less support staff

  • Diversify product detail page

  • Boost sales

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